Industry News: Behold The 2020 Rocky Mountain Bikes Slayer

Meant for speed and big hits the 2020 Rocky Mountain Bikes Slayer has landed. The bike just keeps getting better and better each year Rocky Mountain Bikes revises it. If you need an Enduro sled or even a big hit freeride bike you might want to put this one on the list. Oscillation is one heck of way to launch a new bike and get rowdy.



Back and forth, forward and back. Mastery on the bike comes from constant repetition. Whether it’s your hundredth time down a trail or you’re about to drop into a new one for the first time, steady, well-rehearsed motions are what will get you through. So ride fast and send it deep, because the Slayer is built for those who charge.


Riders: Thomas Vanderham, Rémi Gauvin, Carson Storch

Via: Rocky Mountain Bicycles

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