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Jack Carthy | INSIDE Two Day Inspirational Ride

Inspiration Jack Carthy takes us on a two day inspirational ride with an inside look at this strict gym sessions and morning training in a local quarry.  Sick video from such a talented rider. This takes place during the 189 days leading up to the World Championship. Be sure to check out "Still I Rise" [...]

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Biketrials No Dabs | How do I get started

Train Trials is a great and unique sport to take on.  Trials has a long history, and you can ride trials just about anywhere.  On the street, in the woods, at the park, and even in your back yard.  It’s a great base for all of the other cycling disciplines as it teaches you bike [...]

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Backyard Incredible Trials Course | Balance Art Build

Build You’ve decided to build it. To transform your back yard into a work of art, full of beautiful obstacles, stunts, jumps, and creative lines. And better yet, it’s a reason to build using steel, logs, pallets, and sleepers. Beautiful Obstacles They are both trials obstacles and art. There is always that one special feature [...]

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Filthy Ape Awaits | Mind Game | Whistler Bike Park

Losing Sleep It happens every time. You take a look at that feature, you look again, and you stare at it, and decide to leave it on the mountain. The days and weeks that come next are filled with sleepless nights, thinking through how to clean that feature, how to send it, why you chose [...]

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Stevie Smith Memorial Park Pump Track | Velosolutions

Stevie Smith Memorial Park Pump Track Pump Track Nation is alive and well with the newly constructed Stevie Smith Memorial Park Pump Track.  Throughout August 2017, Velosolutions teamed up with the Stevie Smith Legacy Fund to being this park to a reality in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.  Check out the video for a behind the scenes [...]

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Drop Zone Essential Skill

Drop Zone Essential Skill The Drop Zone is an area of the bike park we session to improve our drop skills, essential to all types of riding. The Drop Zone, usually with three, four or more progressively larger drops set side by side, ready to test your wit. Keystone Drop Zone Build It A great [...]

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Bentonville Next Look | Arkansas Ride Destination And Return Trip

Bentonville Return We set out on that short 550 mile drive from Austin, TX to Bentonville, AR for another go. It was time to apply what we learned on the recon trip to see if we could tie it all together better than our First Look.  Staying in town this time, we were within ride distance [...]

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Bentonville First Look | Arkansas Ride Destination And Recon Trip

Bentonville First Look A short 550 mile drive from Austin, TX to Bentonville, AR, it was time for a recon trip to see what this new hot spot with miles of flowy single track is all about.  In a short two years, Northwest Arkansas has risen to a destination spot for riders from near far.  [...]

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State of Progression

State of Progression Big Timber Films dropped the "State of Progression Teaser" on April 21st, 2017, calling out the huge freeride progression in Central Texas and the creation of the Freeride512 bike park at Rocky Hill Ranch.  And then, the Outtakes dropped a few days later.  Now, the new full release "State of Progression" presented [...]

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Pump Track Challenge Crankworx Rotorua 2017

Pump Track Challenge Pump Track Nation is alive an well with the Pump Track Challenge Crankworx Rotorua 2017.  Get your Dirt Jumper and Slopestyle bikes out, to shred Pump Track.  Crankworx World Tour from Rotorua, New Zealand. PinkBike

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