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Airfields | DJ Brandt Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose If you weren't convinced you wanted a Mongoose before, maybe now is the time. DJ Brandt's latest video, Airfields, delivers in a big way. DJ said; "This is for sure the hardest I've ever worked for a video. I feel like all of my riding in the past years has come together for this [...]

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YT Industries Bikes | Live Uncaged The Story And Brand

YT Industries The story of YT Industries is a true inspiration which started 10 years ago Forchheim, Germany by founder and CEO Markus Flossmann when he decided to follow his passion.  YT offers a wide range of bikes from Dirt Jumpers, Trail, Enduro and Downhill with all emphasis on riding. Founder and CEO Markus Flossmann [...]

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Bartlett Wash | Moab Slickrock Mountain Biking

Bartlett Wash, Moab MTB Seeing Nate Hills flow the Slickrock at Bartlett Wash, Moab MTB makes us want to get back there and hit the same lines all over again.  The open riding of Bartlett Wash offers endless creative lines.  Having hit Bartlett Wash in 2009, the new technology offers far more capability for hitting [...]

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Tello Drone | See The Mountain Bike Trail From The Sky

Add This Tello Drone To Your Hydration Pack The new DJI Tello Drone compact personal drone concept will officially debut the new product at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.  Mini-drones have made their way into some of our mountain biking pack packs are are only getting easier.  We'll be adding this one to run parallel [...]

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Fatcrobat An Original Trail | Whistler Bike Park

Fatcrobat Find this original trail called Fatcrobat at Whistler Bike Park just off of In Deep.  A long line of end to end trees and ladders at a gradual decent to keep the adrenaline flowing.  Unlike the Blue Trails,  this is one of the more difficult Black Diamond Trails on the mountain.  You can't help [...]

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Wicked Hard Trail | Surf City | Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss

Trail Boss Jeff Lenosky is back with another Trail Boss episode.  This time riding the "Wicked Hard / Surf City Trail" in Lynn Woods, Massachusetts. Lynn Woods is home to some of the most technical mountain biking in the North East. Lenosky makes it look easy, riding the unrideable.  With 20 years of riding experience [...]

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My First Time Riding The North Shore | IFHT Films

Ride The North Shore IFHT Films brings us this latest video "My First Time Riding The North Shore".  Do you remember your first time hitting the North Shore trails?  Or maybe it's still on your trail bucket list.  I can tell you I'll never forget that first run down Upper Oil Can, Air Supply and [...]

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Jack Carthy | INSIDE Two Day Inspirational Ride

Inspiration Jack Carthy takes us on a two day inspirational ride with an inside look at this strict gym sessions and morning training in a local quarry.  Sick video from such a talented rider. This takes place during the 189 days leading up to the World Championship. Be sure to check out "Still I Rise" [...]

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Biketrials No Dabs | How do I get started

Train Trials is a great and unique sport to take on.  Trials has a long history, and you can ride trials just about anywhere.  On the street, in the woods, at the park, and even in your back yard.  It’s a great base for all of the other cycling disciplines as it teaches you bike [...]

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Backyard Incredible Trials Course | Balance Art Build

Build You’ve decided to build it. To transform your back yard into a work of art, full of beautiful obstacles, stunts, jumps, and creative lines. And better yet, it’s a reason to build using steel, logs, pallets, and sleepers. Beautiful Obstacles They are both trials obstacles and art. There is always that one special feature [...]

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Filthy Ape Awaits | Mind Game | Whistler Bike Park

Losing Sleep It happens every time. You take a look at that feature, you look again, and you stare at it, and decide to leave it on the mountain. The days and weeks that come next are filled with sleepless nights, thinking through how to clean that feature, how to send it, why you chose [...]

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Stevie Smith Memorial Park Pump Track | Velosolutions

Stevie Smith Memorial Park Pump Track Pump Track Nation is alive and well with the newly constructed Stevie Smith Memorial Park Pump Track.  Throughout August 2017, Velosolutions teamed up with the Stevie Smith Legacy Fund to being this park to a reality in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.  Check out the video for a behind the scenes [...]

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