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Church Of The Knobby Tire

Dirt Church "Our steeples and choirs are mountains and wooden trails". What type a feeling do you get when you are riding your mountain bike? Do you feel dialed and one with nature and the bike? For Brandon Blakely, Zach Heaton and Evan Voss their Church of the knobby tire is about riding while goofing [...]

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Hopetech HB.160 Adam Brayton RAW Mountain Biking

Hopetech HB.160 RAW Behold, the much anticipated Hopetech HB.160 in it's natural element. We are big fans of mountain bike films that use only the RAW sounds of riding instead of some flashy soundtrack. Don't get me wrong having a well laid out musical soundtrack is for the flow and the timing of a film [...]

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Transition Bicycle Company GiddyUp 2.Ohh 2018 Full Specifications

Transition Bicycle Company GiddyUp 2.Ohh 2018 Full Specs Transition Bikes just dropped 3 updates for the Patrol, Scout, Smuggler and a new mountain bike called the Sentinel. These new offerings from Transition Bikes feature the GiddyUp 2.Ohh suspension, Transitions new SGB (Speed Balanced Geometry), new suspension offereings, and new paint color schemes. Check out the [...]

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Vancouver Island’s Best Trails with Jeff Kendall-Weed

Vancouver Island's Best Mountain Biking Trails Get in the Van man. I'm not talking about the kind of Van with bubble windows, mag wheel, horrible sleeper bed and flames down the side. This Van is actually a float plane rife to Vancouver Island with Jeff Kendall-Weed to experience all of what the island's deep forest [...]

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How To Do Massive Bunny Hops On Your Bike With Ali Clarkson

BUST OUT MASSIVE BUNNYHOPS If you are like me and even the average mountain biker you cannot do massive bunny hops. Even on my best day my bunny hop height is no higher than a street curb or a log on the trail. Never fear though...Ali Clarkson is here with his series on how to [...]

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SRAM Presents Brandon Semenuk Simplicity

 Brandon Semenuk Simplicity Keep it simple with this one they said. Brandon Semenuk just about makes anything on two wheels look good. It almost makes you wonder if he ever has a bad day of riding. Well, once again our minds are blown!   Presented by SRAM MTB with Video from Revel Co, you can [...]

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Source Hipster Hydration Belt

Hip Pack Incoming Welcome to 2017 or a repeat of outdoor gear history. One of the latest trends in hydration packs is the growing popularity of hip hydration packs or fanny packs if you serious about your 1980's regalia. There are currently several options on the market such as Source Hipster Hydration Belt, Camelbak Palos [...]

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Mountain Biking – NOT2BAD trail shredding in Spain

RAW Mountain Biking If you have seen the 2013 mountain biking movie NOTBAD, from Anthill Films (Darren McCullough, Darcy Wittenburg, Colin Jones) and the Trek C3 Project, you are familiar with the pro level of mountain biking and cinematography talent that was blended together. The NOTBAD film brought the likes of riders together such as Brandon Semenuk, Brett Rheeder, Andrew [...]

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From The Archives Old School Trials Movie Contact

In The Beginning - Old School Trials There is where it all started. In my opinion, the old school trials movie Contact, is what put trials, and street trials riding on the map. Long before Danny MacAskill stunned the world and boosted millions of views on Youtube, all we had were bike DVD's. We watched those [...]

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State of Progression Teaser

Freeride is experiencing a huge progression in Central Texas with the growth the Freeride512 club and the building of a bike park at Rocky Hill Ranch. Check out this Teaser from John Goldman at Big Timber Films and as he documents the State of Progression and how this growth is inspiring others to build trails [...]

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Fatbiking Iceland Bergur Shreds it All

Fatbiking Iceland Iceland is a land with dynamic terrain and mother nature combined. If you called Iceland home would you need one, two or even three bikes to cover the various riding disciplines? Nope! If you're like Bergur Benediktsson and enjoying Fatbiking Iceland all you need is a Fatback Skookum to literally shred everything! From Fatback [...]

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Phil Atwill New Zealand Diaries Part 1

Phil Atwill New Zealand Diaries Part 1 Phil Atwill is at at again down in New Zealand with some killer southern hemisphere riding and classic hip hop tunes. Riding upon riding in the one. PROPAIN Bikes / Dirt Magazine / Zelvy Carbon / X-Fusion Shox / Bliss Protection / FUNN / Juice Lubes / [...]

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