Incredible Backyard Trials Course | Balance Art Build


You’ve decided to build it. To transform your back yard into a work of art, full of beautiful obstacles, stunts, jumps, and creative lines. And better yet, it’s a reason to build using steel, logs, pallets, and sleepers.  Design the layout, find the lines, and start the build. 

Incredible Trials Course Build

Beautiful Obstacles

They are both trials obstacles and art. There is always that one special feature you have in mind to built out first. “The Cobra” in this video is just that. Built from a combination of wood and steel, there is no question about stability. Add to that a bit of paint to stylize the feature. This one is a trick specific stunt for a hop to front and over to the down ramp. Using steel, you can compose something small, cantilevered, using a minimum amount of material, and still be strong enough to ride. But, this could be as easy as a tractor tire to start on for practice.

Incredible Trials Course Build

Creative Lines

We tend to build the double black or scary lines first. Challenging to ride, good for training, and great to watch, you will still want to be creative and build out the lines you can ride daily. Mixing the construction media with steel supported logs provide that balance line. A set of old pallets provide the perfect A frame up and over. The difficult to find wire spool happens to offer a perfect bike length width providing a technical option to clear. Short lengths of steel and a small wooden disk make for a low launch pad to traverse a larger box and finally to a half round plywood roller. Mixing each feature, and a blue coat of paint really brings the entire composition together.

Incredible Trials Course Build


Andrew Dickey has put together some of the most entertaining, challenging and beautiful obstacles in his own back yard in the history of trials.

Credit: Epic TV, Andrew Dickey

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