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 Our Camera Gear and UAV (Drone) Setup

We’re asked often, what’s your camera gear setup?  If you’re tired of that same old POV experience, and want to see something new, we’re thinking the same.  Most of our old POV is far too shaky and violent to watch.  Until recently, you couldn’t get that bird’s eye view very easily.  We are passionate about changing that and work consistently to develop the best video experience.

If you’re interested in quality, smooth, usable footage, a gimbal is the way to go.  Post processed image stabilization is good, digital stabilization is better, capturing your footage with a gimbal is ideal.   A gimbal is also wearable and provides a unique vantage point when running along side a rider while hitting a feature section.

Now if you want to capture that bird’s eye view, you’ll want to first think about learning to fly a UAV (drone), and next make that UAV purchase with a good on-board camera setup, and then get out and chase your riding buddies for some good aerial footage.

If you are ready to start building your own camera gear setup you can use the product links below. We are happy to answer any questions to help you build out you’re kit or even collaborate on video ideas. If you would like to discuss you can contact us here. (Disclosurewe can earn an affiliate commission if you purchase with the links below. We appreciate this as it helps keep our site running and continuing to bring the stoke.)


Cameras and Accessories We Use


UAVs (Drones) & Accessories We Use

Here is our list of UAV (drone) accessories that we use to tie all of this aerial gear together in order to capture birds eye footage of mountain biking. Having extra batteries, cables, memory cards, cases, etc is almost a must if you are out for a day of filming and riding.


Riding Gear We Use

Here is our list of riding gear and accessories you’ve seen in our mountain biking videos.