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Add This Tello Drone To Your Hydration Pack

The new DJI Tello Drone compact personal drone concept will officially debut the new product at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.  Mini-drones have made their way into some of our mountain biking pack packs are are only getting easier.  We’ll be adding this one to run parallel to the DJI Spark and DJI Mavic Pro.

Tello Drone

A Lightweight Tello

Weighing in at 85 grams, the Tello can be activated with a quick toss into the air, and return to the palm of your hand.  Tello has two antennas making video transmission stable and a high-capacity battery offering impressive long flight times.  Tello houses an HD camera and comes with a one-touch flight function called EZ Shot to allow you to capture full 360 video.  The Tello flies in a circle and can command Tello to fly “up and out” seemlessly.  This may come in handy when hitting that drop.  Tello app on your smartphone and connect them through Wi-Fi.  It comes with flexible propellers, propeller guards and a collision detection system. And when your hands aren’t on the controls, Tello hovers in place without drifting. The Tello features Auto Takeoff, Auto Landing, and Low Battery Protection features, It’s play time. 

Tello DroneTello Drone“The Tello is an impressive drone with so much intelligence packed inside such a small package,” said Remi-El-Ouazzane, VP and Movidius General Manager, New Technologies Group, Intel. “The incredible vision processing capabilities of the Intel Movidius Myriad 2 enable Ryze to miniaturize the drone and eliminate the need for multiple processors dedicated to each flying function. This is just the beginning of a promising toy market featuring robotics, AI and computer vision technologies.”

“The idea of making play an essential part of learning and putting this concept into a drone makes the Tello more than just a toy. It’s an opportunity for kids and young engineers to discover the ingenuity and science behind aerial technology. Once they learn how it works, they will be able to do great things with it. We’re excited to see the Tello come to life and congratulate Ryze for their accomplishment.”

Paul Xu, DJI’s Vice President.
Quote Credit: SUAS News.

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