Jeff Kendall-Weed | My Ride Review of the Ibis Ripley AF

The Ripley AF has landed

I feel like we all knew this was coming. Following up to the successful release of Ripmo AF, Ibis Cycles has launched the Ripley AF. Built with an aluminum frame, and designed with the ever so polished DW Link suspension at 120mm, this 65.5 degree head angle rocket ship is sure to be a pleasure to ride on just about any trail.

Jeff Kendall-Weed was able to secure a Ripley AF to review as part of his 3rd and final 2020 Ibis video series. As you know Jeff is always able to pop around the trail in a sort of trials on trail riding style. Track standing, wheel hopping, and popping up and over rocks is his forte. It’s certainly no different on this new bike. Check out his review and feedback after riding the Ripley AF around Arizona, and then back home in Bellingham, WA.

As many of you know, I was lucky enough to work for Ibis Cycles from 2008 to 2015, and have continued to ride with their support ever since. In 2020, Ibis and I had a formal arrangement, where I was sponsored to ride Ibis bikes in 50% of all videos, and to produce three dedicated videos featuring new Ibis models on my channel. This is the third and final video of that 2020 arrangement (nevermind those 19 days into 2021, I’d say this is pretty punctual considering covid!) and it’s all about an AWESOME new model- the Ripley AF. Yep- RIPLEY AF!

You can learn more about the Ripley AF over at the Ibis website here:

Via: Jeff Kendall-Weed

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