Racing News | Central Texas Hosts 2016 Lone Star Enduro

2016 Lone Star Enduro Flat Creek Ranch

Part of the Texas Enduro Cup, the Lone Star Enduro was held this past weekend pushing Central Texas even further into the Enduro racing scene. Cheer to Sustainable Trail Solutions and the other builders who made an already great trail system come together for a stellar race.

Words and video via Cooper Sellers – racer and videographer:

“Finally we get to shred some great trails in some cooler weather!

The Fall 2016 Texas Enduro Cup is underway with 2 stops. The first stop is at one of my favorite riding destinations, Flat Creek Crossing Ranch.

The Texas Enduro Cup guys cut some great trails and put together some super fun segments that challenged even the best riders around.

I took a spill the day prior and ended up with a slight shoulder separation so I dialed it way back on race day. Regardless, it was a complete blast and I still managed to finish 7th of 44 in the Master’s group!”


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