Luis “Wicho” Rodriguez is Florida’s 51 Year Old Wheelie Master

The Wheelie Master

Luis “Wicho” Rodriguez has been described as Florida’s 51 Year Old Wheelie Master. “Wicho” learned how to wheelie at a very young age, and every since that day the ability to be comfortable wheeling a bike has stuck.

“Wicho” is also a firm believer in the right bike for the job so he varies his riding and wheeling between several of the SE Bikes models. PK Ripper Fat Tires, Beast Mode, and Monster Quad to name a few.

Can you wheelie like this on your bike and sit in that pivot point for endless miles like “Wicho”?

At 51 years old, Luis “Wicho” Rodriguez is proving that age isn’t anything but a number. This Puerto Rico native is using his passion for SE Bikes to not only have fun on his own, but to inspire everyone around him. You can expect to see Wicho raising it up around Daytona Beach and Puerto Rico for a long time to come. “When I sit on my bike, I forget bills. I forget problems. I forget work. All I’m focusing on is riding this bike.” Now get out and RIDE!

Via: SE Bikes

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