Matt Hunter Heli Biking the Snowy Mountains of BC Canada

Snow Heli Biking

Yes snow Heli Biking is a thing and one mountain biking activity done best on a downhill bike. Especially when you are blasting down big snowy mountain peaks after being Heli dropped at several thousand feet. Scared yet? Well these guys make it look easy. Matt “Trail Hunter” Hunter has brought us several other Trail Hunter features in the past, but this one definitely ranks in the top 3.  Watch as Matt Hunter and his riding buddies gas up the chopper and go downhill mountain biking on some of the steepest and snowiest mountains in BC, Canada. Fresh tracks and high speed front wheel endos in the snow are welcomed.

MattHunterHelibiking2 3

Matt and his buddies high speed front wheel endo


Credit: Specialized Bicycles

Produced Directed: Matt Hunter & Matt Miles Filmed: Mindspark Cinema Edited : Matt Miles

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