Norway Mountain Biking Lofoten Island with Hans Rey & Tobias Woggon

Mountain Biking Lofoten Island

Located on the 68th parallel above the Arctic Circle is a Norway Mountain Biking destination known as the archipelago(islands) of Lofoten. Some might not think of Norway when you think of mountain biking, but the truth is there is abundance of opportunity if you know where to look. A couple of years back bike trials legend Hans Rey, and enduro rider Tobias Woggon traveled to Lofoten Island to ride and experience some of the best trails this area has to offer. Whether it’s riding rocky technical single track descending down to the ocean after a big climb, or bike packing through Lofoten Island’s hut to hut trail system there is something enjoyable for every rider. Here is story of Hans and Tobias’ trip to the majestic island of single track goodness!

Credit: vg mediastudio

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