Press Release: Transition Triple

Transition Triple

February 18th, 2016.  Transition Unveils a Bold New Wheelsize Standard – 26″ Regular, Transition Triple.

Transition Triple 01
Transition Triple 02
Transition Triple 03
Transition Bikes is proud to unveil the long awaited successor to the Double slopestyle bike. The Triple is everything you loved about the Double, and then some. Built to withstand the demands of the world’s best slopestyle riders in a package that’s fun for everyone. One size fit’s all, concentric BB and sleek lines for days. 

Transition Triple 04 Transition Triple 05 Transition Triple 06

Chris Smith riding Buckland Rings dirt jumps in Lymington, Hampshire, 28th January 2016, pic by Matt Watson

Chris Smith riding Buckland Rings dirt jumps in Lymington, Hampshire, 28th January 2016, pic by Matt Watson

Transition Triple 10Transition get’s back to it’s Sopestyle short travel roots with the new Triple. You don’t have to wear skinny jeans and flip whip like an FMB Pro to have fun on this bike. The Triple plays homage to our past Slopestyle models like the BottleRocket and Double with some serious modern day engineering that will make your brain hurt. Stuff like a concentric bottom bracket pivot and an ultra progressive leverage rate curve for maximum boost-ability. If you like your bike packed with features then look no further. The Triple’s adjustable dropouts and zero chain growth allows you to run singlespeed without a tensioner, and how about a downtube shifter mount so you can barspin for days without having to worry about your shifter. All this with updated geometry and ‘one size fits all’ so you don’t have to rack your brain over what size to get.


    Zero Chaingrowth Concetric BB Pivot
    Ultra short 390mm Chainstay Length
    Adjustable 10x135mm Dropouts for Gears or SingleSpeed Drivetrain
    Tapered Headtube
    Threaded 73mm Bottom Bracket Shell
    Removable Downtube Shifter Mount
    Frame Weight: 6.2 lbs.
    Complete bike USA MSRP $2599
    Frameset USA MSRP $1499

The Triple is in stock and available now. Contact your nearest Transition Bikes Dealer to get immediate Slopestyle results!

Transition Bikes

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