Ridestoke Ride Series #4 | Pigtail Trail In Sedona Arizona

Leading up to a pilgrimage of sorts we have #4 in our series with a run down the Pigtail Trail in Sedona Arizona. If you are looking for some of the best views in mountain biking and enjoy high exposure and technical riding Sedona has plenty of it. There will be varying levels of riding difficulty depending on the trail but one things for sure there is something for everybody.

If you need a good launch point and post ride spot be sure to stop in to say and grab a cup of coffee from the fine folks at Bike and Bean. They will be your huckleberry when in comes to trail info, routes, bike rentals/repairs and maybe even a happy hour beer.



Ride Location: Sedona Arizona.
Trails: Pigtail Trail
Bikes Ridden: Knolly Bikes Chilcotin with Avalanche Racing Suspension


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