SRAM Presents Brandon Semenuk Simplicity

 Keep it simple with this one they said. Brandon Semenuk just about makes anything on two wheels look good. It almost makes you wonder if he ever has a bad day of riding. Well, once again our minds are blown!

Presented by SRAM MTB with Video from Revel Co, you can add Simiplicity to Brandon Semenuk’s list of stellar mountain biking films.

If you’ve not already seen them, New World Disorder 9: Never Enough, NotBad, Reach For The Sky, and Life Cycles will give you a good history lesson on Brandon Semenuk. Fair warning though…they will make you want to get out and do things on a bike that may push you out of your comfort zone. I personally tend to be more of a rider that likes technical riding and mixing in some slow bike trials type moves on the trail obstacles. However, I’d be lying if this film didn’t make me want to start working on my jumping abilities now.

One of the greatest things about watching Brandon Semenuk ride on film is the seamless flow in his riding style. He appears to combine the consistency of speed and style with all his tricks together. His flow is so good it makes you wonder if he nailed his line in one run, or if he filmed it over and over to get the right shots.

Feeding off of that flow Brandon, SRAM, and Revel Co kept it super clean this time around.

From SRAM:

“There’s a special greatness in simplicity. And greatness is sometimes best measured in what you don’t see. When there’s something left for your imagination. When you can’t taste every ingredient. When you don’t see the hours of thought, and practice, and trial, and error. When you can do more, but less is more powerful. When you express yourself purely, simply. There’s greatness in simplicity, but it isn’t simple.”


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