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Dear Kelly – Carson Storch Tribute to the Late Kelly McGarry

McGazza Forever There are some who come to this sport who become legend the world over. That's Kelly McGarry. In the 2013 Red Bull Rampage Kelly stomped a massive 72 foot back flip over the canyon gap, earning him a silver medal and winner of the best trick award. His POV GoPro footage of the [...]

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Mini Drone -Amazing Whiteline Mountain Bike Ride With GPS Tracking

Mini Drone -Aaron Chase Followed By GPS Tracking Drone   The Pucker Factor Mini Drone , If you have ever ridden  or even stood next to the Whiteline trail in Sedona, Arizona you know how truly terrifying it is. Nothing can prepare you for the exposure and margin for error once you actually start rolling [...]

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Julian Molina The BMX Rider Never Backs Down

Juilan Molina The BMX Rider Meet Julian Molina the BMX rider that never backs down. Hailing from the tiny town of Andes in Antioquia, Colombia, Juilan is somewhat of a local superstar always riding his BMX bike. Rightfully so, as Juilan does tricks on a bike that would make most of us able body riders [...]

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Mountain Biking Downhill Speed World Record

Breaking the Mountain Biking Downhill Speed World Record Max Stöckl has done it! He has set a new mountain biking downhill speed world record at 167 KPH in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Max previously set the previous world record in 2011, riding down the side of the Cerro Negro Volcano in Nicaragua. In that record attempt Max topped [...]

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Rally WRC Kenny Belaey Pedal to the Medal

Rally WRC Kenny Belaey hit the Rally WRC in Portugal with his team, before heading to the World Cup competition.  The WRC Rally feature the "Pedal to the Medal" obstacle setup.  Kenny randomly jumped over the entire Red Bull / VW Rally Team and made their management shiver with one more stage to go the [...]

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Ambitions Cairns Emily Batty Prepares

Ambitions CairnsAmbitions Cairns, Emily Batty prepares with rides in Sedona Arizona, picks up a set of prototype wheels, and talks more about the upcoming Olympics.  She begins her Cross Country Mountain Biking race campaign with Cairns Australia Wold Cup #1.  Emily Batty

Chasing Summer in Bali

Chasing Summer in BaliGeoff Gulevich and Pierre-Édouard take us for a ride in Bali, featuring some of the most stunning scenery and singletrack that you’re likely ever to see. Featuring: Geoff Gulevich and Pierre-Édouard Ferry Film By: Liam Mullany Aerial Cinematography: Andre Nutini Post-Production Sound: Keith White Special Thanks: Alex Springenschmidt, Frank Fricadelli Marbet, The [...]