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Transition Bicycle Company 2018 Carbon Smuggler

2018 Carbon Smuggler It's here ladies and gentlemen. Transition bike fans everywhere can rejoice as the long awaited Carbon Smuggler is here. The new Smuggler is built on Transition's new SBG (Speed Balanced Geometry) and is sure to be just as composed on the trail as the previous years aluminum Smuggler. We can't wait to [...]

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2018 Transition Scout Finding Limits

Finding The Limits of a 2018 Transition Scout Mountain Bike On The Edge Limits on a mountain bike are typically determined by how hard and how far you can push a bike before it and/or the rider breaks. In the earlier days of mountain biking companies were building trail bikes that were 160mm or more [...]

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Transition Bicycle Company GiddyUp 2.Ohh 2018 Full Specifications

Transition Bicycle Company GiddyUp 2.Ohh 2018 Full Specs Transition Bikes just dropped 3 updates for the Patrol, Scout, Smuggler and a new mountain bike called the Sentinel. These new offerings from Transition Bikes feature the GiddyUp 2.Ohh suspension, Transitions new SGB (Speed Balanced Geometry), new suspension offereings, and new paint color schemes. Check out the [...]

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Transition Patrol Among Giants

Riding Among GiantsWild, natural and perfect dirt made for amazing conditions when Alex McAndrew and Backroad Creative hit up Bellingham, Washington to creative an absolutely dialed mountain bike short film. Using background sound and nifty camera work Backroad captured Alex putting on a massive flow demonstration aboard his Transition Patrol that would make anyone want [...]

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Day of the Dog – Ride Respect Love

Day of the DogIn Day Of The Dog, this is what this pooch is dreaming of.  Fairy tale forests in Oakridge, Oregon, hero dirt, flowing trails just waiting to be shred.  The only animals on earth that love you more than themselves.   Projekt Roam

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