Video: Nate Hills Rides Kingdom Trails with Jeff Lenosky & Phil Kmetz

Destination Kingdom Trails

In and up out to the Kingdom Trails in East Burke, VT. This trail system is wonderfully designed and built providing riding opportunities for mountain bikers at all levels. From beginner level riding on two-track trails, all the way up to fast flowy single track and downhill riding that will keep your lungs and adrenaline pounding. Many of the trails are littered with huge berms, rollers, wooden jump features and wall rides that allow you to keep speed and jump areas all along the trail.

Recently, Nate Hills and his FollowCamFriday series headed up to Nembafest in Vermont to join up with Jeff Lenosky and Phil Kmetz for a good old-fashioned trail party. They rode some of the best the single track and downhill runs in the area including The Three T’s, Burke and Jester trails.  What resulted is a master class in mountain biking and point of view riding footage all captured on GoPro by Nate. Some of the cornering, whips and manuals by Jeff and Phil is just so sick that we had to watch it multiple times. Good job Fellas!


For info on Nembafest 2018 and the celebration of mountain you can visit:

Credit: Nate Hills

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